Why I'm a Guitar Guru

You are all probably wondering the same thing. What makes this guy a guitar guru?

I'm glad you asked. My credentials are impeccable.

First off:

  • I'm one of only three guitar gurus recognized by a registered charity (click the underlined link, then go seven photos down - that's right! See I told ya!)
  • I have owned more guitars in four years than most professional musicians
  • I married into and was divorced from a musical family.
  • I travelled with my sister's husband's band when I was 18.
  • I have interviewed a Rolling Stone

But more importantly, as you will read through future posts, I realize that the meaning of life can be examined through my varied experience in music and the rock and roll lifestyle.
Oh, and I almost forgot. I also hold a Doctor of Divinity from the Universal Life Church. So you can call me Dr. Guitar Guru if you want.
Or merely Jason.

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