Life's Lesson #1 - Don't say no to Sebastian Bach

Or anything potentially interesting for that matter.
Most of our regrets are things we didn't do when we had the chance to do them. Thankfully, I only have a few - this is one of them.

In the late 80s I was just entering journalism school and already writing for a music magazine. I was one of the best writers they had and I worked for next to nothing ($2 an inch as I recall - I was a true stringer) .
Consequently, I had a ton of cool assignments constantly offered to me. After a while I started saying no to some of them.

One was an interview with Sebastian Bach. He was lead singer of Skid Row - a band I felt at the time was third-rate imitation of Ratt who were a third-rate imitation of Aerosmith.

Of course, all those bands are now considered "classic".
Besides, if Sebastian had been as cool that day as he was in this episode of Trailer Park Boys, I probably missed an experience I could tell my grandchildren about.
Assuming I had any grandchildren.
And assuming they were really into dope humor.

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