LIFE LESSON #5 There's a time and place for everything

Last week I went to see The Zombies at The Mod Club.

This band has always been a favorite of mine with their mellow psychedelic jazz feel and fantastic 60s-style vocal harmonies. You'll probably remember Time of the Season.

but they also had several other hits in the same vein.

The place was packed with fans - all of whom were really into the music, but one guy just didn't get it.

I've seen this guy at every Iron Maiden and Judas Priest concert I ever went to as a teenager. Totally drunk; Smelly leather vest; Obnoxiously loud with a voice that can peel paint, and aggressive to the point of expecting that the music would be better if he was able to shout in the band's collective ears and slug them on the shoulders while they were playing.

Every time there was a jazzy organ solo or a delicate vocal harmony he'd scream "Go! GO! GO! Do it, DO it, DOOOO ITTTTT!!!! Oh yeah that kills man. Kills! KILLLLLSSS!!!!

Now a teenaged guy like this fits into an Iron Maiden concert. However, when the guy is about 55, and everyone's trying to mellow out to psychedelic pop music he stands out - and not in a good way.

So the life lesson for this man and people like him is this: There's a time and place for everything. Just make sure you're not at the wrong type of concert 20+ years too late.

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